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A series of handicraft techniques are used to form this beautiful vase. The design is given life in a German studio. There it is modeled in an original plaster mold, then mouth blown with quality glass. The exclusive design is timeless and modern, with a size of 32×28 cm, in an earthy gray color.

The Collection: Earthline | Spring Summer 2023
With the Earthline collection by Guaxs, the spring and summer season of 2023 can officially begin. Guaxs presents exclusive vases, bowls, and lanterns in wonderfully fresh and summery colors like Sky (sky blue) and Green (spring green), inviting you to arrange them with flowers and branches. As an absolute novelty, lanterns with stylish natural stone bases are also introduced. Let yourself be transported into spring with Guaxs Earthline!

The Design: Pinara
The Pinara collection not only resembles an artistically sophisticated culture of the past but also gets its name from the notion of “rounded.” At a certain point in time, “Pinara” meant something like “rounded,” and this shape is characteristic of the collection with a deliberate opening at the upper edge. The glass objects are also adorned with a characteristic grooved surface as usual. Iconic and rounded, mysterious yet alluring, the glass objects from the Pinara collection are fantastic room accessories.

Guaxs Tealight Version
The Pinara lanterns perfectly complement the Pinara collection and add the cozy warmth of candlelight. These versatile little wonders not only look pretty but can be used in various ways. Decorate them with flowers, use them as pen holders, or use them traditionally as lanterns. An absolute decorative highlight from Guaxs for your home!

The Diversity of Guaxs
The Pinara design is available in various sizes and forms. Guaxs’ handmade and mouth-blown items impress with their incredible diversity, allowing you to combine them as you please. For every occasion and celebration, for every corner of your living area, there is a fitting glass object from Guaxs.




Smoke Gray


Ø 32cm x 28cm

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