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This exquisite vase is brought to life through a series of skilled handicraft techniques. The entire design process takes place in a German studio, where it is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Starting with the creation of an original plaster mold, the vase’s design is carefully modeled to perfection. Then, using high-quality glass, the vase is mouth-blown, giving it its unique shape and character. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern artistry results in a beautiful and captivating piece that will grace any space with elegance and charm.

The Collection: Karakol
With the creations of the Karakol collection, Guaxs has achieved an impressive range of designs. This collection draws inspiration from the Kyrgyz city of Karakol, the river of the same name, and the Karakol Valley. The significance associated with this name is beautifully reflected in the vases. For instance, the bowl in this collection inevitably evokes the vastness and depth of the Karakol Valley, while the other two variants (Tall and Round) undeniably showcase a Kyrgyz style. These handcrafted vases, meticulously produced through several individual steps by skilled artisans, feature a few graceful stripes and a bud-like neck. Traditional and grounded, yet rich and complex, Karakol is a genuine treasure.

The Diversity of Guaxs
The Karakol design is available in additional sizes and forms. Guaxs’ handcrafted and mouth-blown creations impress with their incredible diversity, allowing you to combine them as you desire. From every special occasion to any celebration, and in every corner of your living space, there awaits a fitting glass masterpiece from Guaxs.

Weight10 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 40 cm



Ocean blue / Indigo


Ø 34cm x 39cm

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