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A series of handicraft techniques are used to form this beautiful bowl. The design is given life in a German studio. There it is modeled in an original plaster mold, then mouth blown with quality glass.

Vases and decorative accents possess the ability to infuse any room with a touch of personality and style. From contemporary to traditional designs, the choices seem limitless. Guaxs, with its Karakol collection, presents an impressive array of products inspired by the Kyrgyz city of Karakol, the river bearing the same name, and the scenic Karakol valley. These vases beautifully embody the essence of their namesake, creating an awe-inspiring connection.

The collection’s bowl, in particular, evokes the vastness and depth of the Karakol Valley, while the Tall and Round variants unmistakably exhibit a Kyrgyz influence. Crafted meticulously by skilled artisans, these handcrafted vases undergo numerous production steps and are adorned with elegant stripes and a bud-like neck. Rooted in tradition yet intricate and captivating, the Karakol Bowl is a valuable addition to any space.

Available in various sizes and shapes, the Karakol Bowl design offers versatility, allowing you to curate combinations that suit your preferences. Guaxs’ handmade and mouth-blown creations impress with their diverse range, offering a perfect glass object for every occasion and celebration, fitting flawlessly into any corner of your living area. You have the freedom to choose pieces that harmonize with your existing decor or make a bold statement by incorporating standout items that become striking focal points in the room. An example of such an eye-catching piece is the Karakol Bowl – a captivating gem that effortlessly captures attention.

Weight8 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 15 cm



Ocean blue / Indigo


Ø 46cm x 11 cm

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