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A series of handicraft techniques are used to form this beautiful vase. The design is given life in a German studio. There it is modeled in an original plaster mold, then mouth blown with quality glass.

Mouth blown glass / hand cut surface. Due to manual production, slight color variations may occur.

The collection: Earthline | Spring Summer 2023
With the Earthline collection by Guaxs, the spring and summer season 2023 can officially come. The exclusive vases, bowls and lanterns by Guaxs are presented in wonderfully fresh and summery colours such as Sky (sky blue) and Green (spring green) and invite you to arrange them with flowers and branches. As an absolute novelty, lanterns with chic natural stone bases are also presented. Let Guax’s Earthline transport you into spring!

The design: Pinara
The Pinara collection is reminiscent of an artistically sophisticated culture of a bygone era, and not only because of its design. The name “Pinara” could in fact be understood as a design, since at a certain time this word meant something like: rounded. The rounding breaks quasi at the upper edge, where a purposeful opening reveals itself, which is characteristic for this collection. As usual, the glass objects also have a characteristic groove-covered surface structure. Cult and rounded, mysterious and at the same time graceful, the Pinara glass objects are fantastic room accessories.

The Guaxs Variety
The Pinara design is available in other sizes and shapes. The handmade and mouth-blown articles by Guaxs impress with their unbelievable variety, so that you can combine them as you like. For every occasion and every celebration, for every corner of your living area, you will find a suitable glass object by Guaxs.




Smoke Gray


Ø 45cm x 12 cm

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