Cutlery Croma 24 pieces / 6 persons


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Manufacturer number: СК 24P/C

Croma, just like all Belo Inox silverware, is 100% made in Portugal and mostly handmade. Using multiple techniques that we’ve been perfecting for over 60 years, we manufacture superior quality silverware, with high-end design, materials and finishes.

Croma is completely recyclable and maintains its quality for several years if properly cared for.

Belo Inox cutlery that uses special materials and finishes, such as PVD, gold, silver and others, must be exclusively machine washed. In addition to all the machine washing recommendations, if your Belo Inox set has a special finish, it should be washed at below 60º temperatures and using detergents with phosphate levels below 10%.

On any silverware featuring a resin/fiber handle, such as our NEO model, the handle natural color can be revived by hydrating it with buttery lotion.

Belo Inox cutlery is made with high-quality raw materials and with proper care will maintain its prime condition for several years.

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Dimensions45 × 27 × 5 cm




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