Cone Candle No.63 Deep Forest (1 pc)


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Manufacturer number: 03002-63

Dense plant life blackened green-brown.

Burn time: 25 hours

Material: Crafted from 100% pure, fragrance-free paraffin wax sourced from Europe’s foremost producer, our candles are meticulously manufactured at our Danish facility. The wick, ensuring a clean burn, is exclusively composed of 100% cotton.

Base: The cone candle stands alone among our products, boasting self-standing capabilities that make it exceptionally versatile.

Self-Extinguishing: Enhance safety with our self-extinguishing candles. The flame gracefully fades 2-3 centimeters from the base, though it’s essential to never leave lit candles unattended.

Extinguishing Guide: Opt for a candle extinguisher for a smoke-free extinguishing experience, ensuring the candle is fully extinguished to prevent wick smoldering. This tool leaves the wick intact, especially crucial for candles with lacquer, gold, or silver coating. After extinguishing, gently remove the outermost layer of lacquer around the wick’s depression for seamless relighting.

Candle-Burning Tips: Maximize your candle’s performance by keeping the wick short, maintaining a minimum distance of 10 cm between candles, and avoiding placement in drafty areas or above radiators. These practices guarantee an optimal and enjoyable burning experience.

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